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Sun Casino Deposit Bonus – Increase Your Starting Capital

Like a lot of online casinos, Sun Casino offers you the opportunity to increase your starting capital in the form of a matched deposit bonus. The way a matched deposit bonus works is that the Sun Casino, once you have entered the online casino bonus code, will match what you have deposited up to £500. This means if you do want to go the whole hog and deposit a £500, you will then get another £500 to play at the casino with.

There are certain terms and conditions that apply to playing with your ‘free money’. Another way you can increase your starting capital with Sun Casino is by taking advantage of their free spins. Not only does their welcome bonus offer include actual cash for you to play with, but you can also get free spins on selected slot machines. These slots are incredibly popular, so 100 free spins are always welcome when you sign up. As well as money and free slots, you will also get a no questions asked amount of £5 to play on the live casino. Although it may seem confusing, what the Sun Casino have tried to do is cater for everyone with their welcome bonus, rather than follow the path of some of the other online casinos who only create offers for people playing the slots.

Bonus Rules Overview

If you are looking to sign up to the Sun Casino to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer, then there are a few rules you will need to be aware of from the terms and conditions.

You need to play through the matched deposit bonus 40 times
This is only available to new customers, existing customers cannot get this bonus
You have 28 days from the bonus being credited to use it, otherwise, it will become void
You can only use the bonus on the following slots: Starburst
Different casino games may have different wagering requirements. Ensure you look these up before you start to use your bonus

Sun Casino Free Spins After Making A Deposit – Additional Free Spins As A Bonus After Making A Deposit

When you make your deposit with Sun Casino, not only will you get your other bonuses, but you will also receive 100 free spins. When you have received these, you can use them on the specified slots, and you will be awarded this simply for making a deposit. With Sun Casino, there are also ways to get free spins for existing customers. Sometimes the Sun Casino will have a specific way of gaining free spins in one of their slots. If you look at any Sun Casino review you will see they are also quite well known for offering existing customers different chances and opportunities to gain free spins. Another thing they do to get existing customers some of the benefits of new ones is to offer a certain amount of free spins that are linked to an event. A popular way of getting free spins at the Sun Casino is when live football matches are on that are quite important like the cup final or when England play. When this happens, Sun Casino will often offer every player a free spin for every goal scored in the match, or if it is an international match a free spin for every goal England score.

They also have intermittent offers for free spins every so often that players can take advantage of. The best thing to do to keep up to date is to either sign up to the mailing list so that you get an email each time, or keep checking the promotions page and looking under the casino tab on their website.

Casino Bonus Offers With Bonus Codes

The welcome bonus of Sun Casino which gives you the deposit bonus, the free £500 and 100 free spins. To get this bonus, when you sign up, you need to put in a bonus code when it prompts you to during the signup process. There are two offers that are also available on Sun Casino, but as these are available on certain days, you do not need a bonus code. Instead, these will be automatically credited to your account when you play a certain game on a certain day. Other than this, there are other occasions where Sun Casino will use bonuses, not just for the welcome offer. The best thing you can do if you need to find out if the offer you wish to take advantage of needs a bonus is to go onto the Sun Casino website, click promotions on the sidebar, select ‘casino’ at the top and then click on each individual offer to see if it will be automatically credited, or if you need a bonus code.



+ 25 Free Spins


1st Deposit Bonus


No Code Needed

Claim Bonus

On your first deposit, we’ll give you extra funds for you to play our exciting games. Get a 100% match up to £100. It doesn’t stop there. When you make your first deposit we’ll also give 10 spins on the amazingly popular slot game Starburst! On your second deposit, we’ll match your second deposit with up to £150 in playable bonus funds and another 25 spins on Starburst. With your third deposit, you’ll get 50% match bonus up to £250 in bonus with 65 more spins on Starburst

Sun Casino No Deposit Bonus With/Without Free Spins Presented Separately

There are currently no opportunities at Sun Casino to get a no deposit bonus or free spins without actually making a deposit. The welcome bonus of Sun Casino relies on you making a deposit of £10 or over. There have been times in the past when Sun Casino offers a bonus to any new players not making a deposit, so the best you can do if this is the welcome bonus you would like is to keep checking back on the promotions page. On Sun Casino, you are able to play all of the casino games and the slot games for free before you sign up. Although you will not be able to make money this way, it is still a good way for you to be able to get used to the feel of the casino before you invest your money.

Sun Casino currently offer two promotions that are recurrent. The first one is a £50 bonus when you play the live Blackjack game on a Wednesday. All you need to do is get a black jack two times in a row, and your £50 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account within 10 minutes, without the need for a bonus code.

The other offer on Sun Casino that is recurring is the red Thursdays offer. If you are playing the live roulette on a Thursday, and you win on red 3 times in a row, you can get £10 automatically credited to your account. Again, you do not need a bonus code to take advantage of this promotion, it will be automatically credited to your account.

Sun Casino Existing Customers Programme – Bonus For Loyal Customers

Sun Casino do not currently offer a specific loyalty programme for casino customers or a specific bonus that is just aimed at them. Sun Casino have always been able to boast incredible casino odds, and this is one of the ways they pass on added benefits to loyal recurring customers. They currently have two promotions that are running every Wednesday and Thursday, where players of blackjack and roulette are able to get a bonus for getting either two black jacks in a row or three wins on red in a row. Sun Casino are quite well known for their many promotions and offers, so if you are looking for a specific one they have offered in the past, sign up to their mailing list so you can be alerted if it runs again. They also advertise promotions in their newspaper which is available in the UK.

Sun Casino has a VIP programme available, but this is very private and not advertised. The only way you can get into this is by invitation from the VIP team.

The main promotion that is currently advertised on Sun Casino is the welcome bonus offer that you will need a code for. Rather than just choosing one way of rewarding its new customers, Sun Casino has a welcome bonus package that encompasses three different ways to play free. The first way is the 100% matched deposit bonus up to £500. This means that you can get up to £500 free when you deposits over £10. Whatever you deposit will be matched as cash to play in the casino. You will also get free spins, 100 are currently awarded as part of the bonus package. You will also get £5 to play specifically in the live casino. To get this offer, you will need to use the online casino bonus code which is SUNCASINO. Once you have signed up and completed this step, the bonus offer will be credited.

Another promotion that is being advertised on the Sun Casino website at the moment is the winning Wednesdays promotion. For this promotion, all you need to do is play blackjack on the live casino on a Wednesday, and get 2 blackjacks in a row. When you do this, you will have £50 automatically credited to your account with no bonus code. As well as this, if you play roulette on one of the Sun Casinos red Thursdays, you can get £10 automatically credited to your account if you win on red 3 times in a row while playing live roulette in the casino.

Get up to £500 Welcome Package plus 100 free spins on Starburst

Promo code

No Code Needed

On your first deposit, we’ll give you extra funds for you to play our exciting games. Get a 100% match up to £100. It doesn’t stop there. When you make your first deposit we’ll also give 10 spins on the amazingly popular slot game Starburst! On your second deposit, we’ll match your second deposit with up to £150 in playable bonus funds and another 25 spins on Starburst. With your third deposit, you’ll get 50% match bonus up to £250 in bonus with 65 more spins on Starburst

Sun Casino Casino Games that Need / Do not Need To Be Downloaded

You do not need to download any of the games on the Sun Casino. All of the games on Sun Casino can be played live on your browser without having to download them. As well as this, you can also play all of the live games on mobile and tablet. All of the slot games and the live casino can be played directly without download. You can also play on all of the slots for free without registering if you want to get a feel for them before you start depositing money and playing for real.

Sun Casino Live Casino – Availability and Quality of the Live Casino

The Sun live casino offer players the opportunity to play directly without download. There are many different games you can play on the Sun live casino, including:

Black Jack
French Roulette
Casino Hold Em
Ultimate Roulette

The Sun Casino is easily accessible online, but if you are trying to play outside of the UK then you will need to ensure that you are able to play from your chosen country. The Sun live casino is really easy to access, and because it does not use bulky software that you need to download, preferring to be played online through your browser with flash player, it does not freeze or have many technical glitches. One thing you will need to remember to keep a check on if you are playing on your phone or tablet is to ensure you check how much data you are using.

Online Live Roulette

Online live roulette is available in the Sun live casino in standard or French roulette. There is currently a promotion on the live roulette where you can play on a Thursday and receive a £10 bonus if you win on red 3 times in a row. The Sun Casino uses the standard roulette rules for its online casino, and if you are not aware of these you can look them up on the Sun Casino website under either terms and conditions or frequently asked questions. If you are playing on the mobile site, there may be issues with stopping a game mid-play to answer a call or similar. If you download the app, however, if you use your phone for anything else in play, you will automatically come out of the game.

Online Live BlackJack

Sun Casino offer two options for blackjack in their live casino. You can either play standard blackjack or ultimate blackjack. All of the rules can be found on the Sun Casino website. You cannot play the live casino games for free like you can the slots, so it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the gaming rules before you play. Like the roulette games, you can play blackjack on a computer, mobile or tablet, however, it is better to download the app or apk as the software has safeguards built into it to stop you still playing if you take a call or need to stop mid game.

Live Casino Hold’em

Sun live casino offers a live casino hold em game. Again, if you are not used to standard hold em rules you should familiarise yourself with these before you play.Gameplay on hold em in Sun live casino is very fluid, and because they do not use bulky software you can be sure that live is live. This is again available on the app for iPhone, but because free play is the only play supported on apk you will not be able to play this on Android.

Sun Casino App or Apk – Availability for Android and iOS Systems

You can download the Sun Casino mobile phone app or apk for both iPhone and also Android. However, because the Google play store does not allow apks where you can gamble for money, there are a few restrictions on what you can actually do with the apk. With the apk for android, you can do the following:

Redeem your promotion offer. Although you cannot actually bet, you can still do bits of admin on the apk like this
Make deposits with a debit card
You can also play certain casino games. Because you are not able to play for money, you can only play certain games. All of the slots are available to play as they can all be played for free on the desktop version.

The iTunes store offers a bit of a different app. You can do all of the above that you can do on the android app, but you can also play the live casino for real cash. The iTunes store does not discriminate against apps that let you play for real money, so the app is fully functional in all aspects of the Sun Casino and Sun live casino.

Not Available for windows

Sun Casino Licences – Security At The Online Casino

Sunbet is operated by Tabcorp UK. Tabcorp are based in London, and they are licensed to provide gambling facilities to UK residents by the gambling commission, and are regulated by the office of revenue commissioners in the republic of Ireland. Sun bets are the registered trading name for all of the current Sun Casino’s as well, so any reference to Sun bets is also a reference to the Sun Casino and Sun live casino. As a brand, Sun bets have many safeguards in place to ensure you practise responsible gaming. If you are unsure of these, check the terms and conditions of their website.

Sun Casino Customer Support Review – Positive or Negative Experience With The Online Casino

The Sun Casino generally has many positive reviews when it comes to contacting their customer services department. Not only can you email them, but as soon as you go on to the help page you are invited to live chat. Questions are usually answered in a very timely fashion when you use live chat. As Sun Bets benefit from being one of the larger online gambling companies, they have a full 24/7 live chat facility. They also offer a telephone option from 7am until 11pm. This is a lot more than other online casinos offer, and customers have generally been giving positive reviews about their experience when needing some help with playing online. Sun Casino are also very active on their social media channels, which again is a benefit that is not given by most online casinos. If you log on to the Sun Casino website, you will see that they have their Twitter stream embedded into the website, and are always online answering customer questions, or at least direct them to the place they can get some answers for them. If you do a web search for reviews on the casino, there are very little that are negative. Whether it is because Sun Casino benefit from being part of a larger company that also run the newspaper, or just because they rely heavily on putting their customers first, but either way they have managed to build a reputation for themselves as an online gambling company that really will go out of their way to help customers.

Sun Casino Payment Methods

One small drawback is that Sun Casino do not offer the option to deposit or withdraw using e-wallets. With Sun Casino, you can only deposit and withdraw using a debit card. Sun Casino offer both Mastercard and Visa options for debit cards. Prepaid debit cards are not accepted, neither are corporate cards. When you have registered your payment method, you are unable to use more than one or a different one. If you wish to change your payment method then you will need to change this online.

Sun Casino PayPal

There is not currently an option to deposit using PayPal, however, there is actually a way around this is you are the owner of a business PayPal account. If you have a business PayPal account, you are able to apply for a PayPal debit card. this is operated by Mastercard, so if you do have one of these you will be able to deposit using this as a debit card if you have the right balance in your PayPal account. One thing you will need to do is check charges, as these will come from PayPal and not Sun Casino.

Sun Casino Skrill / Moneybookers

You cannot currently deposit using Skrill or Moneybookers. The only deposit method that is available for Sun Casino is via a debit card, run by MasterCard or Visa.

Sun Casino Neteller

You currently cannot deposit or withdraw using a Neteller account. Sun Casino only lets players deposit with a debit card. None of the popular e-wallets are available to use in conjunction with Sun Casino. It does not look like Sun Casino are looking to change this any time soon.

Sun Casino Slot Games – The Best Slots at the Online Casino

Age of The Gods

The Age of The Gods slot is a roulette based slot machine that can either be played on a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. The Greek God Zeus watches over the game, and the game play is centred around Mount Olympus. Not only are you connected up to the larger network to have the opportunity to win jackpots around the amount of £180,000, but you can also play the slot mini game which is triggered by a bonus position on the wheel. This credits you with 3 free spins, and you are then guaranteed to win up to 100 times your stake.

Pink Panther

The Pink Panther slot is a lot more than just a nostalgic look back at the popular cartoon, as you can win some serious money on this slot. The whole game centres around outsmarting Detective Clouseau. There are TNT explosions that will distribute the opportunities for bonus games, and there are 4 available in this slot.

Space Invaders

Another trip down memory lane, and the popular 80s arcade game has been turned into a slot. This five reel, ten line slot game doesn’t only have the added benefit of taking you back to the 80s, but it also pays out both ways. There is also an opportunity to vaporise a UFO then win a re-spin. Like all of the slots on Sun Casino, you can play this for free without having to deposit funds, so you have got the opportunity to get used to it first.

Sun Casino Recommendation

The only small negatives about the Sun Casino, are not being able to deposit from e-wallets and Paypal, and not being able to play on APK for cash. The latter, isn’t actually the Sun Casinos fault, and you will find this in every online casino in the world as this is a rule from Google themselves. The deposit issue may be a bit off putting for gamers who use their e-wallets religiously to play online, but in all fairness everyone usually has at least access to one debit card.

The benefits of the Sun Casino far outweigh these two small issues. Not only is the Sun Casino one of the only online casinos that do not make you download bulky software to play the casino, but they also offer the opportunity to play the slots for free to get to know them before you start depositing funds. The live casino offers the opportunity for players to play all of the standard casino games, and also a few different twists for those looking for a better gaming experience, like French Roulette.

As well as all of this, and the generous welcome bonus offer you can get by applying the online casino bonus code no Sun Casino review would be complete without mentioning their exceptional customer services. Not only do you have the opportunity to telephone them between 7am and 11pm, which is quite rare in some of the smaller online casinos, but you can also log on to the help page and have someone available 24/7 to answer your questions. Although it will probably still make sense that they can become quite busy on this live chat during peak hours like evenings and weekends, all of the Sun Casino reviews point to a very positive user experience when trying to get through to them with a problem.

They are also active and conversational to players with issues on their Twitter page. A lot of online casinos will shy away from doing this as they will feel it makes them look bad, but the high level of contact-ability by Sun Casino is one of the things that they are praised for the most by online customer reviews. If you go on to their Twitter feed, you will often see them answering customer questions and trying to help.

There are many reasons why Sun Casino is one of the larger online casinos, but the most obvious one is how much they value their customers.

1st Deposit Bonus

No Code Needed

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On your first deposit, we’ll give you extra funds for you to play our exciting games. Get a 100% match up to £100. It doesn’t stop there. When you make your first deposit we’ll also give 10 spins on the amazingly popular slot game Starburst! On your second deposit, we’ll match your second deposit with up to £150 in playable bonus funds and another 25 spins on Starburst. With your third deposit, you’ll get 50% match bonus up to £250 in bonus with 65 more spins on Starburst

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