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What does it take to be a good live casino?

A good live casino consists of a multitude of different attributes to enhance the live casino experience – a variety of live casino games, security for both money and personal details, accessibility – applications/sites/winnings, No deposit and deposit bonuses, free spins, customer support.

There are many different available live casinos online and since you are using real money it is extremely important to pick the right one.

Criteria for choosing the best live casino

A good live casino requires a good variety of live games. Live online casinos are no fun if you are playing the same repetitive game over and over again. When looking for live casinos make sure they offer a multitude of games to choose from.

An essential step in choosing a favourable live casino is security. Since you are handling real money, it is necessary that you are wary of the security features on the live casino website and how your money is going to be processed. In this day and age on the internet, it is easy to be scammed out of your money and you do not want to be the unfortunate person who goes through this.

Check reviews from other users of the website to see their live casino experience. Do not hesitate to contact online casinos directly about their security systems. If they are a reputable live casino they will be happy to explain how thins work to put your mind at ease. A good live casino will be easy to use and have a smooth configuration. A modern, simple transparent website is important as well. Otherwise, it can get slightly overwhelming. If you are looking into live online casinos website and it is very clunky and confusing, it may be prudent to be wary.

For the beginner casino player, this next step is pretty essential, customer support. A lack of customer support may display an apathetic and unorganised casino. Websites can often have problems regarding pages not loading and games not working properly. Customer support is important for when people using the live casino have any issues. This is especially important in terms of a casino as money is being handled. If something goes wrong the customer may feel more secure with efficient and reliable customer support at hand.

How reputable is the online casino?

When choosing the best online casinos live it is crucial to ask the question, ‘how reputable is this online casino?’. Choosing casinos with a bad reputation can lead to all sorts of issues when playing. Be sure to research your casino thoroughly before signing up or giving any personal information as they could possibly be fraudulent. As previously stated, in terms of reputation a good source is online reviews. Reviews can tell you what the online casino is like, whether they are licensed and regulated and how reputable they are without being biased. However, be wary of self-posted fake reviews.

No deposit and deposit bonuses that apply for games in the live casino.

Another important factor in choosing the best live casino is the bonuses or bonus code offers. You want to be sure that you pick a casino with good quality deposit and no-deposit bonuses. Most bonuses include free spins and free cash. Look for the live casinos that offer you the highest amounts to give you the best possible deals.

Can you play in the live casino from your phone or tablet?

If you are the type of person who is always on the go, but still looking to play at a casino it is essential that you can play from your phone or tablet. A majority of casinos offer applications for you to play roulette live, blackjack live and many more games online. You can check the casino website to see if there is a mobile version. Also, some applications may not be very good in quality, riddled with bugs and other inconsistencies. The best idea to go with a good quality app that you can play on the go without it crashing every five minutes.

In addition, you can check whether the application supports 3G/4G or just wi-fi. It may be more difficult to play on the go if your application does not support 3G/4G. So, it is always worth checking this out beforehand.

The deposit and withdrawal methods of the online casino.

A casino would not be a casino without you collecting your winnings. Therefore, another critical point in choosing the best live casino is looking at the available deposit and withdrawal methods. It is necessary to check how you are going to withdraw your winnings. In many cases, there is a verification process. This may take extra time and is something you may need to take into account. However, these are a sign of a quality casino as they are verifying everyone who uses it. Also, a good thing to check is if there are any bank fees for transferring your money. This may not seem like much at the time, but consequently, it could add up technically negating from your winnings. Be aware of the charges and see if they are worth it in the long run.

Live Dealer Games v Online Casino Games

Most casino games are found in both the online casino section and live dealer games. However, there are major differences between these two sections, even when the titles are similar. Here is a quick look at the differences.

In a regular online casino game, a software, the Random Number Generator, deals games. It determines what card numbers and symbols will appear on the screen. However, in the live casino, a live dealer deals the cards. Second, in a regular casino game, cards and chips appear instantly when you place your beats and start your round. However, in the case of casino live games, you have to wait for other players to make their bets and the live dealer to deal the cards.

There is no interaction between players and dealers and amongst themselves in a regular online casino game. However, in a live dealer casino, you may communicate with the dealer or other players via a live chat, depending on the game. Besides, in regular casino games, the software uses graphics to create a realistic feel of the cards used in the game. However, live casino games are streamed live from a physical casino to your device to enable you to play in real-time.

Low and High Stakes Games at Live Casinos

The first thing you have to do when selecting a live casino table is to determine how much you are willing to spend per spin. The total amount you will spend in the game is equal to the sum of the amounts spent for each spin for the entire time you will be at the table. Different card games at casinos have varying limits, depending on the casino and software provider. Most providers have specific titles for high rollers.

The low stake games enable players to place low amounts for each round at the table. This is common with the value players. The low limit may vary but can go as 0.01 for each round. On the other hand, the high stake limit may go as high as £10,000 in some games. This is ideal for players who want to splurge in a bid to win big at the casino. Casinos indicate the low and high limits for each game available in the live casino. Scroll through the section for a game that meets your bankroll plan. Remember that you can always play with any amount between the lower and higher limits as you so wish.

How to Play Games with a Live Dealer

Live dealer card games, such as blackjack and baccarat, are made possible through a live video feed from the studio where games are being played. It does not matter if it is French roulette, speed roulette, sic bo, Caribbean stud poker, live baccarat or live blackjack. This is interfaced with software to allow players to select cards and place bets. You start by joining your favourite casino and heading to the live dealer section of the casino. If you do not have enough credit, you may need to deposit some cash into your account after logging in. Then, choose a table that meets your betting preferences. A new window will open up with the live dealer that you have picked. He or she will prompt you to make a bet.

Once everyone has placed their bets, the live dealer will deal the cards or spin the wheel in the case for roulette. In the course of the game, the live dealer will prompt you when it is your turn. At the end of a round, the winning hands will be paid.

Playing Roulette

Roulette consists of spinning a wheel and betting a certain number of chips on a number (or range of numbers) in the hope that the ball will land on your choice. Looking at the history of a roulette table will give you an advantage. You can try and determine where the ball is going to land, based on previous winnings. If possible, try and practice roulette before you play for actual money. The game is heavily based on luck, but if you know the ins and outs before playing a real game it will give you a significant advantage and you will be more likely to win. In terms of online casinos, it is hard to know whether they are reputable or not. Always use a roulette casino with a random number generator. This is a countermeasure against game rigging.

Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that you can play on pretty much all live casinos.

Blackjack is played with multiple decks, from two to eight, depending on the casino. In order to succeed, you must have a score higher than the dealer, but this score cannot exceed twenty one.

Blackjack, like most casino games, relies on a heavy amount of luck. However, it is important to practice and learn strategies before playing an actual game and risking actual money. Learning strategies will take time but are essential in playing blackjack. There are books, cheat-sheets and guides that will help you increase your chances of winning. Also, these will help you understand the game more thoroughly.

Playing Baccarat

Another game that you can find in live casinos is Baccarat. When playing baccarat there will be six to eight decks. Baccarat is very similar to blackjack, but instead of having to achieve a score higher than the dealer you have to achieve a Nine. Aces are ones and tens are zero. Being wary of your money is very important in baccarat. Placing bad bets such as tie bets can be a waste of money. Watching other baccarat games and learning from them is a good way to pick up skills and be a good baccarat player.

Playing Hold’em Live Poker

Hold’em poker is a popular casino card game and it requires only one standard deck of cards. Betting takes place in three rounds and by the end of the game, whoever has the best hand wins. In order to play hold’em poker well, there are a few tips you need to know and practice is extremely important. Knowing what you are doing in hold’em poker is important as you need to place strategic bets in order to end up with the best hand. Also, remembering to fold in times of crisis is important. It is much better to fold and to continue on in the next round than risk losing more money.

New Live Casinos – Keeping the Competition Alive

New live casinos have disrupted how live gaming is played through various innovative initiatives. First, new live casinos have hundreds of tables for their customers to choose from. These tables come with varying limits to meet the preferences of different players. Some live casinos have also started accepting cryptocurrencies to enhance the gambling experience and anonymity.
In addition, players also get several exclusive live casino bonuses and offers to increase their earnings when playing in the live casino. Most live casino games can also be accessed via mobile devices, making it easy for players to bet on the go. Besides, players get their cash in record time; in most cases instantly, which is unlike in traditional casinos that take a day or more. A combination of these features enhances the gambling experience and keeps players at the top of their gambling preferences.

Best Live Casino Software Providers

There are hundreds of live casino tables offered by different providers. You are also likely to find similar titles from different providers. Among the providers, the best ones provide many options for players and offer great features, high payouts and varying stake limits to take care of different players. The providers train live dealers and take care of streaming, studio décor and any other aspect of the live tables. Here are some of the leading providers.

Evolution Gaming Live Casino Software

Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular software providers in the live dealer section. Its games are available on desktop and mobile platforms. This setup allows players to play live games on both mobile apps and mobile web browsers. The company has won accolades across the world for the quality of the live casino tables. Players enjoy 360-degree coverage of the tables in question, which enables them to make informed moves.

The company dominates the live gaming scene, especially roulette variants. Among them, you will find country-specific roulette tables in over ten languages. Many players have given good ratings to their croupiers for being friendly and chatty, which adds to the general experience of their games. One of their most popular titles is the immersive roulette. As with many other live games, you get to see a slow-motion replay of when the ball comes to a stop. This also adds to the trustworthiness of the game.

NetEnt Live Casino Software

NetEnt is best known for its slots but also has impressive live casino software. The company launched its beta form of the live casino in 2013 with live roulette and live blackjack. Players can access the live casino on desktop and mobile devices. While they do not have as many live dealer games like Evolution Gaming, they still have several titles in each of the two sections.

Almost all the casinos that offer their software in other game categories also provide some live casino games. The company is known for its quality, HD streaming of the live casino table, excellent lighting and décor for enhanced contrast and experience on their tables. You can also get games with low stake limits if you are a value player. Sometimes, it offers promotions that can be used across various tables in the casino live section.

Playtech Live Casino Software

Known for its unique black lighted background and croupiers (ladies) dressed in signature golden outfits, Playtech live casino has 12 live games. All these games are streamed live from the Philippines and Latvia and include live baccarat, roulette, Casino hold ’em, Sic Bo, Sette E Mezzo, Spin a Win and Hi-Lo, among others. As seen in the list, the provider has some unique titles that are not available with other providers. It also has a multi-game option where players can pick up to three games displayed on the screen. You can also play its Dual Roulette game, which allows you to view two live roulette tables side-by-side.

The company provides a similar quality of live casino games as they do with other gaming categories. Tables are streamed live in HD quality, and there is enough lighting for players to see each move. Playtech is the second most popular gaming software based on the number of tables available.

Other Live Casino Software Providers

Apart from these three gaming providers, there are several others with ranging game offers. They include Ezugi, Extreme Live Gaming, Authentic Gaming, XPG and Vivo Gaming. Ezugi is the fourth-largest live gaming provider after the three named in the section above. It specialises in live gaming and has an operating license from Curacao gaming watchdog. One of the unique features in their tables is the social media integration that allows you to invite friends on platforms such as Facebook and brag when you are winning at the tables.

Extreme Gaming is owned by Novomatic, which it purchased in 2014. Some of its games have added features such as rewards for the player with the highest bet or bet behind extras. It also has several live baccarat varieties than other providers. On the other hand, Authentic Gaming is known for its keen eye and the ability to create a land-casino like experience for its players.

Pros and Cons of Live Online Casinos?

You can follow the progress of the game from the start to finish
It allows you to interact with dealers through chat message, thereby creating a land casino experience
Unlike the RNG software where you are not sure about how it reaches the final numbers, the dealings in the live casino are open, and therefore, legitimate
It lets you enjoy the feel of a real casino on the go
It makes use of cutting edge technology to bring you the tables and everything else while protecting your personal data
You can also take part in several live casino promotions
The outcomes of various games are random and fair
These games have a very low house edge, thereby putting more cash to your pocket

The live casino games are a little slow, as you have to wait for other players
There is a limited range of games that you can play in the live casino
Players do not get the full experience of a land casino, as they do not see other players
There is always a risk that technical issues such as internet connection problems might occur


Are live dealer games safe and secure?

Yes. The live dealer games are safe and secure. The software providers have put several features to ensure that your personal data is not leaked or hacked by other parties. First, you play card games on the casino account platform where you are protected by the casino security measures that include encryption and anti-malware systems. Second, the live dealer do not see all your personal details when you join a table, but only an identifying ID. This means they cannot later use the information out of the table.

Are live casinos available on mobile?

Yes. Most live casino providers have put in place systems to enable mobile players to access live casino tables. The mobile live casinos have the same design and features as the desktop counterparts. However, the layout has been altered to enhance playing on a small screen. You can access the available games via a mobile browser or the app. Unfortunately, you may not find all available live casino games on the mobile device if the provider has not given the same on mobile devices.

Can I get a live casino bonus?

Yes. You can get a live casino bonus from your favourite casino. In most cases, the live casino liaises with the software provider to offer bonuses to their players. Therefore, most of the bonuses are available on specific live dealer table games, live blackjack for example.

To access the bonuses, head to the promotions section of your casino and select any bonus that can be played on the live table game that you intend to play. You may also find some bonuses on the tables that you join. Take advantage of such bonuses to increase your earning. However, be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

Can I play live casino games free?

No. You cannot play live casino games for free. Unlike other sections of the online casino, there are no free games in the live section. When you join in, you must place a stake to start gambling. The reason is that each round ends up with winners that must be paid. If you want to practice, you can do so with free online versions of the said games. Otherwise, you can play with the lowest stake on the table before you get to know your way around the table.

Where are live dealer studios located?

The live dealer casino studios are located in different parts of the world. Each live casino provider has a studio and some have more than one. For example, the casino studios for Authentic Gaming are in Austria, Georgia and Italy, while those of the Evolution Gaming are in Spain, Latvia, Belgium and Malta. You can find the information on the location of the live studios on the specific gaming software provider’s page. However, in spite of the studio’s location, you can access all games straight from your casino website.

Are live casino games available at any time of the day?

Yes, players can play casino games live at any time of the day. Software providers run their studios around the clock and croupiers work in shifts. This gives players a chance to play their favourite games live at any time of the day or night. You may find one or a few tables indicated as ‘not available’ on your casino website. This may be due to a technical hitch or the table having the maximum number of players allowed for each round. It should be available after some time, depending on the reason for unavailability.

Do live casino games have RNG?

No. Live casino games do not have RNG. RNG (Random Number Generator) is the software used by online casinos to determine the next card on blackjack, for example, or the direction of the roulette ball in the table games section. However, since the online live casino has a live dealer, there is no need for a software solution. This is one of the biggest differences between these two types of gambling.

Is the house edge for live dealer games better or worse?

The house edge for live dealer games is lower than most of the other games at the casino. The percentage of the bet that you will lose for each round varies from one game to another and your hand. For example, when playing Spanish 21, the first hand of the shoe has a house edge of less than 1%. Roulette has a house edge of about 2.7%, while 3 Card Poker has a house edge of 3.37%. On the other hand, the table games section has higher house edges than most of these percentages.

Do I need to download software to play at live casinos?

No. You do not have to download any software to play live casino games. Just head to your favourite casino and select the live dealer table that you would like to play. You can do this with your mobile device or desktop. If you so wish, you can install the app of your favourite casino for an enhanced playing experience. However, you are good to go with just the web version of the game.

Do live casino mobile games require a lot of data?

No, the live dealer casino games do not consume lots of data no matter if its roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat or any other game. Their data consumption is similar to what you would use to watch a video on YouTube or Netflix. Therefore, you can play on metered networks and mobile data plans without draining your pockets.

Are UK live dealer games licensed and legal?

Yes. All the casinos that operate in the UK must get an operating license from the UK Gambling Commission. Therefore, all legal casino games offer live dealer games that are legal and licensed.

Can live dealers cheat?

As long as you are playing on a legal and reputable casino, you do not have a reason to worry about cheating. However, there have been cases of fraud in some rogue casinos. Most of the software providers discussed in the section above are safe.

Can I win real money playing live casino games?

Yes. You can win real money when you play live casino games. All payments are made at the end of each round and reflected in your account balance. You can withdraw the cash or use it to play more games.

What are live casino jackpot games?

Jackpot games have a jackpot side bet where players stand a chance to win huge prizes. These jackpots may be fixed or progressive. You will get a jackpot payout if you will the side bet even if you fail to win the main game.

Can I chat with live casino dealers?

Yes. Most card games allow you to communicate with the live dealers via a live chat feature. The live chat function is available on most roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat card games. You can ask a question, greet or even thank them if you win. Once you join a table, a live chat window will open up to enhance communication between you and the dealer.

What to do if I get disconnected during a live casino game?

If you are disconnected in the course of a live game, all the bets you have made will stand. In case you are required to decide the course of the game and are not available, your bet will be classified as a stand and the game will be concluded as that; if you win, the cash will still be sent to your account.

What makes playing at a live casino so exciting?

The fact that you are playing against a live dealer or competing against other human players makes the entire gaming experience exciting. Some casinos also allow you to chat with players or post your progress on social media.

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